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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Our 4 Years Anniversary~ B came over in the afternoon to prepare the food together for the picnic! :) Then we headed over to East Coast Parkkkkkk!

Picture 004

Picture 005 Picture 007


My god that was ALOT of food for 2 people hahahh we had a hard time trying to finish everything! & all the irritating ants were attacking our food :'(

Picture 016 Picture 017
hehe brought my lil speaker to our picnic as well!!! :D

Picture 018

Picture 020

Picture 021 Picture 019

Picture 022 Picture 023
muahahahah~ my face looks amazingly sharp in these pix!

Picture 025

Picture 029 Picture 027
Oh, and we had macarons as well! :O

Picture 030 Picture 031
and we played volleyball as well!!! Oh gosh it's been so long since i touched a volleyball! :/


Picture 036
ok finally a decent shot~

LOL at B!

Picture 041 Picture 043

Picture 044
pretty instaxxxxx!

Picture 049 Picture 051
packing up preparing to leave~

Picture 054 instax4
sigh heartpain for my purple instax!! Forgot to change the settings to outdoor then the shot came out so overexposed!!!! My coloured instax very $$$ okayyy!!!!!! :(

instax2 instax1

instax5 instax3

Picture 055
last shot before we left! ;)


Oh and this is the card i made for B this year :) hehehehehe and in case u're wondering, i bought him a business blazer for his school presentations and all~ As for him.... he gave me a super duper small card (so insincere lor i keep scolding him for that) + one havaianas (cuz my 2nd havaianas died on me) + one birkenstock. (i think he secretly wants me out of his life, why all give me footwear, like want send me away, u think so??) lol okay so that was our 4 year anni for u! :)


  1. wah the card you made is gorgeous! where did you buy the decorations from? and congrats on your 4th year, that is super long! (:

  2. hi thanks!! :) i got it from made with love, plaza sing :)