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Monday, March 07, 2011



cutie yogurt ^~^

UK nails
union jack nails!

And I'm in the process of making my 4yr anni card to my bf! (i'm finally abandoning the thought of making a frame after doing it for 3 years hahaa and he's like "if u gna do one more, i seriously dont know where to put the frame up already hahhah cuz it just keeps getting bigger and bigger over the years)
&... OMGGGGGGGGGG our 4 yr anni is this thurs, which is like... in another 3 days time!!!!!!!! Can't believe we've been tgt for so long and been through so much~

Okay will be back again soon, hopefully! ;)

ps: u can view the past anni blog posts over at the sidebar labelled 'Happy Anniversary~'

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