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Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm so excited cuz....

1) i just got to meet B today after 3 days!!!! Siao one nor SMU students are just all so insanely and crazily busyyy~

2) I just bought the chioest 1 piece swim suit ever lah!!!!!
Zipia Peach ruffled swimsuit USD27
im gna do this same pose in Phuket this coming April la (hahahahahahaha)
But if i cannot fit into the swimsuit i will just cry and kill myself


and body so damn awesome!!!! Sigh God is so unfair :(


3) and i just bought my new cameraaaaaaaa!! :D


Ok abit of sigh here cuz what i wanted was Canon S95 which is SO DAMN AWESOMEEEEEE but then its like $250 price difference from this IXUS130 lor and the person was telling me that S95 is only better for low light shootings and other than that, its more or less the same.... then pay $250 more just for that one function abit stupid rightttt?? somemore i'm more of like camwhoring myself and stuffs like that (ok im like convincing myself that i made a right choice)

okok i'm a happy girl today whoohooo!!!!

Ok now i sian again cuz its 1.46am now and then there's lessons later at 9am FML!!!!!! SATURDAY SOMEMORE!!!!!! :==(

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