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Sunday, September 26, 2010


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Pictures with Jocelynnnnnnnn :) Awww can't wait to see u in sch/work with u again! :)

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Anyway, some updates on my work!
1) I have bloody 5 demerit points ok (please clap for me), i am so sure i'm gg to top the demerit charts this month :( sigh, just need 1 more point to a 10% deduction in pay, fml. But so far, it's still at 5%~ sigh but still, very irritating why frolick have such a system ARGH!!!

2) I am being promoted already!! No longer an unfertilised egg (trainee) but am a hatchling already!!! Got my very own name tag already i am soooooooooo happyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Hope the other girls from my batch will get their promotion soon too :)

And anywayz, yesterday i had my own share of experience at cine full shift, 10.30am to 1am (14.5hrs) OMGz, i'll never ever book full shift at cine ever again i swear, mad tiring!!!! Legs were aching like mad when i reached home!

Can't wait for this month to end and collect my pay! I'm broke! :(

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