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Friday, August 20, 2010

It was all so sweet then

Gna show u all our sweet moments in the past. He used to write me very lengthy and superrrrrr sweeeeeeeeeet emails IN THE PAST. Not showing everything here, just like bits and pieces of it, cuz it's just weird to let u all see everything. I was reading through all these yesterday, and was smiling to myself sillily like, really awwwwww~~ But things have now changed i supposed. SIGH.

"sometimes i know i am abit (or very) possessive, but the reason why im so is
cause i really love you. i dote on you and i care everything about you. you
may feel controlled, but i am already trying my best to lax already. so
please pardon me for my selfish character. and remember. im doing so cause i
LOVE you baby. i dun wan to control your attire. but baby.. pls promise me
you know how to protect yourself. if not i really worry when you are alone

"baby lets last forever ok? last but not least, and definitely certainly
no-doubt-ly, I LOVE YOU BABY! muacks! =) take care ya!"

"Lastly, i jus wanna say.. if i can. i wanna transform u into a baby. why? cause i wanna shield you from all the nonsensical things in this planet. like illnesses, worries, stress and all the shit. if u are my baby, which u are, but the infant baby la.., u will jus enjoy your life with nth to worry. carefree, happy-go-lucky, and healthy always. hehe. and of course i will feed u till u pang pang!!! hehe! =D"

"time really flies man! i can still remember the day where you wrote me the letter telling me you lost feelings for me. that was when our rship started to bcome rocky. i felt the hard tight slap! i really hated myself for treating you that bad! so i started to change. i gave you cards, treated you like a gf, shower you with gifts and surprises. i tried really hard to change! i hope you saw it too! and the surprises.. i hope you appreciate them.. though i know you told me that you have this prob of not being able to look touched when you are. LOL! weird baby! i feel CHANGED too! and i think now our rship is much more fun than last time. we joke, disturb, play and scold each other! i admit it was boring last time. haha."

"oh yes baby! i feel that i love you more now! and i think you do also right? sometimes i really like it when u lean towards me when im driving. i like it when you show signs of affection!"

"Hey baby! You're leaving Singapore in a few hours time, not for 1 day or 1 week! Its 1 bloody month!!! It's gonna be the longest separation ever! Our longest was only what, only 2weeks during my BMT. Its nothing compared to this man! sigh! i will definitely miss you to an extent that the word 'miss' can't even explains your absence in my heart."

"reply me asap ok! im dying to hear from you! love you! missing you like killing me!!!!!!"

"anyway, i miss you alot man! first week still ok.. miss but still can laugh. now abit emo! lol. i keep thinking when will yo reply me.. what time is it there.. what you doing.. i kinda cant get used to this single life. i wan to see and talk to someone who knows me very well.. knows what i want and what i think everytime. sigh."

"reply me yea baby? i miss you sooooooooooooooooooo much! muacks!!"

"sigh. i really miss you. i wan you back so soon. i wan you man! there are just so many things that i miss abt ur presence. no one to fight with me, no want i can complaing to or talk to, no one to burp at! sigh sigh! 1 more week! "

your one and only baby!



Sigh, if i could have a wish right now, that would be to rewind time back to the past :(
OKAY. I promised this will be the LAST emo post i'll ever have, i should probably stop mentioning and talking about him from now on until things becomes better...


  1. you sure this gonna be ur last post of emo-ing? you said it dozen times alrdy! Later here last post, then facebook continue emo. STOP EMO-ING. sighhhhhh

  2. I HOPE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... hahaha ok la we are better already!!! :D

  3. hello! i totally understand how you feel. i've been with my bf for abt 2yrs plus and now it seems like all these sweet words can only be memories. i wanna rewind time too!! >.<

  4. YES!!! Think they take us for granted now can!!!!! Sigh ok but at least after all my whining and complains, he's taking the initiative to be sweet again :p HEHEHE!!!