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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Be Buttered!

Sue, my Thai friend came to Sunny Singapore a few days ago to attend my Sis's ROM! So the day before the ROM, i brought her to experience Singapore's night life since she's also one party animal! We went to butterfact! :)

IMG_5227 IMG_5228


IMG_1279 IMG_5243
IMG_5245 IMG_5246
With my eldest sister who's now married. Lol~ Haha maybe 8 years down the road it'd be my turn??? :/



IMG_5267 IMG_5268

IMG_5270 IMG_5274

IMG_5276 IMG_5278

We got some delicious cakes first from Fullerton Hotel before partying!


IMG_5301 IMG_5303

B & his friends came too!


IMG_5312 IMG_5313

This week gonna go party again with Stef! As always, butterfact music was greattttt! So now i'm stuck between going butter/phuture! Cuz we can prob get in free if we were to go phuture.... but butterfact music, i supposed, is better right? Ughh~
I have lots of friends who will be turning 20 this month, and soon, it will be my turn!!! *hints* last day of july!! hahahaa sigh i really dont want to turn 20!!!! I wanna stay nineTEEN FOREVER!!!!!!!! I don't like it when someone asks me about my age because i really dont want to admit the fact that i am already 20!!!! ahhhhhhhhh~ So anyway, i hope i can be in Singapore on the 31st to celebrate my birthday with my BB. But he'll be back from Taiwan only on 29th (??? correct?) and there's also another possibility that i'll go to Taiwan on the 31st!! I know right!!!! He come back i go!! Ok but still....... only a POSSIBILITY. It'd all depend on my mum. hahahaha! Ok have to go catch my lunch and off to work! ;)


  1. You know uh, I love your 8th picture in this post, the one with ur da jie. your hair machiam volumnized and uber smooth and pretty. LOL

  2. Hahaha i like that picture too!!!! :)) So maybe i show like perm it huh?? LOL~~ I cant wait for this weekend, although we are both broke!!!