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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Yj's 21st with friends + last day of school!

IMG_8424 IMG_8428
Bonitochico Pleated Chiffon Mini in cream, Thetinselrack crochet vest, hervelvetvase waist belt in stone, hairband from minibits

IMG_8462 IMG_8464


IMG_8487 IMG_8481
The Alaskan Snow Crab here certainly can't be compared to those I had in Las Vegas! :(










I really don't understand how can this small little Ferrai car model costs $xxx o.O
I'd rather buy clothes with that money! lol



IMG_8552 IMG_8551

B, what's wrong with you?????????

IMG_8558 IMG_8563

So after dinner, we head over to..........


Hahahaha luckily we called to book a room beforehand! ^^
everyone engrossed with the games







Alright so as you all know, I've already submitted my resignation. So last week was my last time i would ever be in the classroom already since holiday has started. All my students had been bugging me to take pictures with them before i leave, so on the very last day of school.......

I took a class pic with them for the first time!!!! There are a few students missing though :(

Haha joe snapped this

Tae Young's journal. Sigh i'll miss reading their journals :(

& my messing cubicle :p



I'll miss the cheap canteen food


IMG_8325 IMG_8316
With Susanne, who will be migrating to the States soon :( and my deary Sofia!

IMG_8322 IMG_8319
With Joe (my mentor) and Jonathan!! :)

Just in case some of you are wondering why we are dressed so formally, that's because that day was the Meet-the-Parents-Session...


Part of the cards&presents i received from my students~

Well well this 1year really wasn't at all easy, lots of ups and downs but really thank god for the great colleagues i have!!! They are the most encouraging, positive and cheerful people you can ever find! I'll really miss those kopitiam sessions with them, everyone yanking and screaming, going crazy while marking the never ending pile of work, gossiping sessions (yes u see teachers do gossip too HAHA!) and those small lil encouraging sweet post-it/chocolates/sweets that we will always give to one another. Nonetheless, I'll miss my dear 4/1 students too. No doubt they are one whole lot of playful kids and even some problematics ones, but sigh, when i told them i will be leaving, you should have seen those eyes. For that moment, i felt so guilty for leaving them halfway, i felt regretful and i felt sad. And when i received cards/presents the next day, the day after etc etc, and reading the message they wrote in their cards, i really feel SO DAMN TOUCHED u know i feel like crying :( Awwww~~ I am glad i did make an impact on their lives, and hopefully somehow, did shape them to be a better person. I am not going to share the reason why i quitted over here, but all i can say is that, i feel that this is the right decision. I just can't see myself doing this for the next 4 years. Its been only 1 year, and i feel tired, i feel lethargic. I am glad i realised this early, before i signed that freaking money sucking bond. OHWELL. Wasted 1 year of my life but i guess its worth it. At the very least, i know what i want NOW isn't really teaching. So.... i'll be back to study for now.

K enough of such these, will be working on Sat&Sun! Yes $ yes $ yes $$$!!!


  1. Wow cool I have never ever seen you dressing like that before! So smart looking! haha. Anyway, do you have any idea where did yj get his red checkered top from? Thanks!

  2. OH GAWD U HAVE 2 OF THE SAME DRESS IN DIFFERENT COLOURS?! Well I think i saw it in one of your previous post right? =/

  3. Hi, may i know what is the model of the DSLR you are using? :)Thks!

  4. Guy: Hey haha of cuz i have to dress like that when im in school!! Cant expect me to wear short dresses right? =.= Anw, he got that from Tommy Hilfiger but i doubt its retailing already ;)

    Anonymous 10.50pm: Hey yea, haha the other is in tifanny mint. Its nice u know ;) And versatile!

    Anonymous 11.50pm: Hey hi its Canon EOS 500D :) But there's a newer model 550D which is rather good too ;)

  5. Shenny, I feel that you've changed. But it's for the better. I think you're much more friendlier and approachable now. Don't you think so?

  6. Hey may I know where this restaurant is? Thx much!

  7. Do you purchase all your clothes online? Aren't you afraid that what you see isn't what you get, such as the material and the cutting. Or won't you be worried that you can't fit into it? Just wondering... because from this post alone, be it clothes that you wore out with your friends/work, its all online right? If I am not wrong...

  8. Anonymous 1.50am: Hey hi, actually i don't think i changed much. Sometimes its just the impression i give people, like im unfriendly and dao sort of things. Cuz i dont usually open up and talk to ppl yea. But when someone starts talking to me, i can start blabbering non stop too haha! A few ppl msg me on fb before to enquire on certain stuffs and after i replied, they would say like im not as scary as what they thought i would be. So really, its just the impression i give people. haha. ;) Maybe i'll smile more from now on :p

  9. Stefanie: Hey its a CafeBiz ;)

    Anonymous 3.03pm: Yea u can say so like 70% of my clothes are online. For the past 1 yr i've been buying alot of online clothes (ever since i had my ibank token so never ever get that hahaha!!!) and so far its been alright. Yea u do get things like the length is shorter than what its stated, or the material wasnt what u had expect, but usually i do get what i see online. Maybe it would be better if u shop with those reputable ones, like BC, HVV, AE, Modparade etc ;)
    Well yea in this post, all my clothes are from online, except for the grey skirt i wore for work. I just like the excitement whenever the parcels arrive, the anticipation of opening it to check out what they are and like, its def WAY cheaper than what u get outside. So...... haha yea ;)