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Friday, June 11, 2010


1. Buy eyeliner from Watsons
2. Buy Kaya for Sue
3. Exchange $ to thai baht
4. Pack clothes
5. Pack toiletries.
6. Pack Kaya for Sue
7. Passport
8. Inhaler
9. Pack money/Mastercard
10. Flight confirmation paper/Hotel confirmation
11. Adapter
12. Make up
13. Charger

Is there anything else? I hope I didn't miss anything out.........................


1. Buy medicine for Dad
2. Get BB Bold 9000 full black cover for stef
3. Buy dresses&blazers for dajie
4. Polo-tees for Dad/Mum (???? what to get for mum!!!!)
5. LOTS of clothes for myself
6. Sandals/shoes
7. Dye hair
8. Massage, Massage and more massage
9. Pedicure, and maybe manicure. But i don't really take care of my fingernails, they crack 24/7
10. Eat good food everyday
11. Must watch ping-pong show when i'm @ PatPhong!!!!
12. Bargain
13. Eat Zen/Fuji
14. Take pictures
15. Ride on high speed tuktuk

Haha ok i have to wake up at 3.45am and check whats the time now!!!!! 12.10AM!!!!

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