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Monday, May 24, 2010

Bistro Petit Salut



IMG_8055 IMG_8061
Entrees: Half dozen baked Burgundy snails with tomatoes and garlic butter

Entrees: Crustacean bisque with prawns and vegetables

Its the first time for the both of us eating snails and it tastes GREAT!!!! :) The texture kind of feels like mussels, and together with the herbs and spices, it was defnitely one of a kind! hahaha as quoted by B, "Wah my first time eating insects!" =.=

IMG_8079 IMG_8073
B drank some cocktail and the whole face instant flush!

bistro petit salut
Picture of the restaurant i got from the net! I like the settings cuz it has a very cosy feeling, partition of the table was wide enough so at least there was some privacy and needless to say, the waiters were all so attentive and friendly :)

IMG_8091 IMG_8087


Mains: Pan seared onglet beef with French fries and shallots confit


IMG_8097 IMG_8096
Mains: Button mushroom risotto with asparagus, Parmesan cheese


instax2 instax1
instax films!

IMG_8109 IMG_8101

Desserts: Choux buns with vanilla ice-cream, warm chocolate sauce and sliced almond

Desserts: “Gateau au Fromage Blanc” (Homemade cheesecake with Madagascar vanilla bean)



Awwww I'd love to dine in this restaurant again!! But it will definitely be for lunch. The dinner set is quite expensive i feel.... :( Anyway, I spent the whole day yesterday baking cookies (of course with the help of my aunt xiexie ni!!) and preparing the presents for B. I've already given it to him and at some point, he just can't stop laughing at the presents i bought for him!! hahahahaha! Ok elaborate more on that part the next time, super tired cuz i stayed up till 12am yesterday to be the first to wish him but damn, i was 1st on phone but not in facebook!!!!!!!! :(

ps: CLICK HERE to read B's 20th birthday!! Oh god it feels like it was just yesterday :( How time flies~

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