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Saturday, April 24, 2010


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HVV dress, F21 Cardigan, layered necklace from BKK, watch from Tommy Hilfiger

Had dinner at Hotpot Culture! Yummmz. Wellz, after that day, my whole stomach was like bloated up and the feeling was terrible. Consulted a doctor and the doctor said that i've been overeating by alot..... ah i feel so damm bad for my lil stomach :(
And I'm still feeling bloated even up till now.... how bad can that be?!
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I like the Rojak Crispy Chicken!! :)

Ohhhhhhhhh and I love those BBQ prawnssssss!!! YUMZ!


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And our dessert!


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HVV Laced Tea Dress, bag from Charles&Keith


BC Sweet Babydoll Frock

Dinner @ PuTian

Well life has nothing much to offer now. Next week gonna be Week6.. Half way there to Week10. Oh i canttttt wait for the holidays!!!!
The Red Shirts better stop all the riots and the protestings by 11th June!!! Argh please dont ruin my short holiday planz! :( But ohwell, if the situation in BKK doesn't improve, then perhaps we'll opt to go to Phuket! heh.

Catastrophes after catastrophes, one after the other. Is the world really coming to an end?

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