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Thursday, March 04, 2010


This is exactly what I am feeling right now. A whole load off my shoulder.
Lesson observation was a success today and there are so many people I have to thank to.
Especially to my mentor, Joe and ST Mrs. Chua :)
Not forgetting others who helped me along the way in one way or another.
This wouldn't have been possible without all of your help and guidance over the past few months!
Well........ all that I can say now is that.... I can't wait to start school in July!!! :D

Tmr is friday, and here comes the weekend!!!
Shall spend my weekend soaking in town.. and ending off the day at the rented apartment
cum hotel in Dhoby Ghaut provided by my sis's company for her stay in Singapore!
This is how it looks like btw:
And I say AWESOME.

Anyway, A level results are coming out tmr, so all the best people!!! :)))))
I bet all of you are having sweaty palms now and jumpy heart rates.

*ps: I think I will be reapplying for Uni this year with my sucky A's results.
Shall try my luck once more, dont want to waste this last chance away!

So wish me luck people!

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