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Thursday, February 04, 2010

United States of Pop 2009

I am so in loveeee with this songggggggg~ (points above) Been replaying it countless of times in youtube.. hehe~ :) Go listen to it if u have not heard of it before! :)

Btw.... last last weekend I went to trim my hair at LaCoco! It was friggin $70 for females and $40 for males ok! But luckily they had student discount so it was $40 and $30 respectively. And on top of that, I had a $50 voucher.. so it was considered a relatively cheap hair cut afterall~
I don't really think that the hair stylist was great... only liked it when they helped me with the washing of my hair... it was SHIOK. It was like a 20-25 min worth of shampoo-ing and massaging and what not. Really great!

24012010232 24012010244 24012010243
24012010240 24012010238 24012010236
pictures taken while i'm on my way to town to have my haircut..

24012010249 24012010246
in the salon

24012010255 24012010254 24012010253
End result..
Initially i felt it really looked gross. Cuz the fringe was short and it made my face looked so round when it is already SO round. And they kinda curled my hair too while drying them.. so it made me looked even older.. :( But i think its getting pretty o-k-a-y after a few days, or perhaps cuz i am used to it already. hahaha~

30012010265 30012010269 30012010260 30012010257
Pictures taken last Saturday~
Now i just need to re-dye my hair. Should i???? Hmmmmm~

Just being random, here's a picture of my work desk!! :p
05012010217 05012010222

05012010218 05012010219
So pinkish right.. haha~

Btw, have u all heard of the news about tourists left stranded in Machu Picchu? Ahhhh so sad right :(
It is really bad for those trackers who hiked up all the way to Machu Picchu just to see the magnificent view! It is a god damn 5DAYS HIKE WHICH COSTS USD$500 (at least..) and they usually have no means of communication to the outside world.. So after the tiring 5days, when you thought u can reap what you sow, you get the bad news - forced to evacuate out of Machu Picchu. Saddening much..

"The longest spell of heavy rain in 20 years in Peru’s southern Andes during the past week triggered flash flooding and landslides, blocking the railway and roads between Machu Picchu and the region’s largest city Cuzco."

"The railway between Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo, a transfer point for trains to the Inca ruins, remains flooded. Water levels in the Vilcanota River, which runs alongside the railway, have begun to fall after rising to the highest level inr 50 years"

"Tourists sat, ate and slept on the floor of the town’s main square today waiting their turn to be evacuated. Others helped rebuild defenses along the bank of the Vilcanota River, which has eroded parts of the bank, damaging roads and buildings."


Another super random thing... i made a Korean friend! Pretty exciting much.. actually i made a few la.. like 4 of them? But 1 of them i can totally feel there's no rapport. The other 2 so-so only... the best is this! :)
Awww~ Now my dream and hope is visit Korea during the June holidays! Gotta enjoy myself before i start NIE right. Although i really really want to go to Bangkok.. ah we'll see how!
I have been asking a few friends of mine to go Korea tgt with me BUT their answers are always disappointing.... so nvm if no one wants to accompany me to Korea cuz now i have my very own Korean friend! + I can go find my vball coach!
Soohyun 2
The girl in the middle

Soohyun 1

Here's my penpal from Korea - Soohyun! :D

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