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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Best of Peru~

On the 3rd last day in Peru, we decided to go visit the sand dunes and the famous Nazca Lines. It was such a last minute plan. Initially all the tour packages were super #$%^&*(*^%$#$%^, I wouldn't want to pay that sort of money lah. But then in the end, we kind of self-customised our trip there. All solely planned by Erjie, she named this "Erjie's Tour Agency"..... =.= hahaha!
Ohwell~ We saved up to like 50% y'know....... hahahah so its always good to plan it ourselves :)
Wakey at like... 4am again? To go catch our early morning bus to Paracas --> Ica --> Nazca.

IMG_2347a IMG_2343a

First stop was Paracas, but we thought its meaningless to see.... sealions???? So we skipped that part and went ahead to Ica (Sand dunes!!).


So here we began our buggy adventure....~
IMG_2350a IMG_2354a

IMG_2360a IMG_2367a

IMG_2383a IMG_2372a
Nice sand dunes right!! (okla.. edited the colours a lil to make it nicer :p)

IMG_2385a IMG_2386a

Wheeeeeeee~ The sands are so fineeeeeee!

IMG_2402 IMG_2400

IMG_2401 IMG_2403

B preparing to slide down the steep slope.....

Off he went~

So far away~

IMG_2414 IMG_2408
Love in Ica; Me preparing to slide down...
It was so scary ok!!! I think i was screaming throughout the slide down.... ahhaha~ And halfway i lost my balanced, so my elbow and feet were all rubbing against the HOT sand while im still on my way down...... it was SO PAIN~

IMG_2415 IMG_2416

IMG_2421a IMG_2425a
I was too afraid after the 1st try so B and Erjie continued doing it... while i took pictures/videos for them :p

IMG_2434a IMG_2509a

IMG_2471a IMG_2479a

IMG_2436a IMG_2477a

IMG_2450a IMG_2441a

IMG_2522 IMG_2521
It was so fun sitting in the buggy!!! Towards the end, the driver went REALLY fast and y'know.. got that kind of deep humps, so we got the kind of feeling like we're falling down. The feeling u get when u're sitting in a rollercoaster kind. EeeEekkz, hate that kinda feeling!
BUT.... IT WAS FUN!!!!
Another once in a lifetime experience i would say... :) Totally not regretting it!

The sand on us after the whole buggy adventure~

Next stop: Nazca

We sat a propeller plane to see the amazing Nazca Lines!
IMG_2548a IMG_2549a



IMG_2557 IMG_2560


In the plane........ it was giddy sitting in it. Cuz it kept making circles, tilted to the left, and the next moment, tilted to the right... GOSH~
Anyway... we captured lots of the Nazca lines images. But the timing we went was a wrong timing.. so the lines isn't really obvious... So i decided not to post them up! But i got pictures of them in a postcard! (below)

IMG_2642a IMG_2641a


IMG_2647a IMG_2651a
Bought some souvenirs.... Anw. Thats the postcard with pictures of the various Nazca Lines :)
It's amazing how the people back then can actually take out rocks to create the lines and form such pictures when the only way to view them, is to be up on the sky. Amazing huh? :)

We had some time before our bus departs back to Lima... so we went to explore around. Came across this house where the people actually kept SKELETONS!!!!
IMG_2694a IMG_2699a


On the 2nd last day in Peru, we went to Downtown Miraflores. This place is considered one of the more dangerous place in Peru. We were like hugging our bags so tightly la.. lol.
IMG_2715 IMG_2716
Again...... the Peru book. The best companion to have :p

IMG_2768 IMG_2767

IMG_2798 IMG_3724

IMG_2780 IMG_2783
I MISS THESE INCA COLAAAAAAA DRINKS~~~~ Can i import them back?? Damn!!
Anw, something very special about Peru's restaurants is that their menu actually consist of "Tourist Menu"... and they're usually really cheap! Comes with soup, drink and your choice of main course.



IMG_2806a IMG_2802a


IMG_2819 IMG_2821
Whats with that face, Erjie?

IMG_2817 IMG_2825

WhooOoo We Luv Peru!

IMG_3737 IMG_2840

IMG_2863 IMG_2864
This boy was trying to sell us some souvenirs.. we did not buy it but instead, took a picture with him! ;)


IMG_3740 IMG_3741

This girl was playing volleyball by herself.. so i just joined in the fun hehehehehe!

IMG_3746 IMG_3744

IMG_3754 IMG_3750

Chinatown in Lima:
(A super dangerous place in Lima, full of thieves and pickpockets all around... but i dunno why, i tend to feel people here in Peru treat us differently. I dont feel like im in danger of being attacked even if im in a super dangerous place.. except for the first few days haha. People here really treat chinese people well!)
IMG_3773 IMG_2908

Pictures pictures?

Plenty of shops selling x'mas decorations!
IMG_2941 IMG_2943

IMG_2944 IMG_2911

During the night time, we went to Parque De La Reserva, this very famous waterfountain show.
IMG_3781a IMG_3780a

IMG_3794a IMG_3785a

IMG_3786a IMG_3805a


IMG_3830a IMG_3831a

IMG_3846a IMG_3838a


IMG_3856 IMG_3858

We then went back home to change, and went out again to see the nightlife in Lima!
IMG_3044a IMG_3049a

IMG_3042 IMG_3071
We had free entries into ALL the clubs along the whole stretch y'know... actually gotta pay cover charge. But we did not want to as we just wanna see how it is like.... then those bouncers were like "Chinos chinos, toursits, free entry, come come..." WHOOO~~ And its not one.. but ALL OF THE CLUBS LEH. Damn shiok. Some even offered free drinks :) So...... being Asians are great huh!

On the last day, we visited a museum..

IMG_3280 IMG_3279

Had a SUPER DUPER GOOD LUNCH before leaving...

IMG_3295a IMG_3289a

IMG_3300 IMG_3298
Peru has got REALLY good food everywhere! Especially good SEAFOOD!

Saying goodbye to our hostel that we stayed for 4nights :) Lovely cozy place...

On the cab back to the airport... I asked erjie to give a sad face.. and.... look at her face! She really do look super sad, hahaha!

Transitting in San Salvador..
Had to give up my beloved Keds shoes after the Peru Trip. It was totally destroyed after going to Machu Picchu especially. Sigh sigh....... it has sentimental values to me y'know. Think its the 1st present B bought for me.. :( sigh sigh sigh~

Thats all babies! Next time i'll be blogging about the USA part already :) Ahhh love blogging on overseas trips. Brings back fond memories.....

Alright till then~
Off to Orchard now!
Btw, have u all bought ur CNY clothes already??? What are u all wearing!!! I think i've bought quite a number already... but im still in dilemma on what to wear :((


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  1. How were you able to afford such a trip? You are what, maybe 18 or 19 at that time?