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Sunday, November 01, 2009

“There may not be a Heaven, but there is a San Francisco”

After a 6hours torturous drive............. we finally saw a highway leading us into San Francisco - one of the place I loveeeeee the most during my visit the other time.

Then we headed to the World's famous Fisherman Wharf Pier 39 :)))))) LUVZZZZZZZ~
I really dont know why, but i just really love being in San Francisco! I think because its one of the most tourist friendly place in California? Or maybe because of the reallllllllly gooooooood food? But maybe one thing i wouldn't like is that it is SUPER DUPER COLD??....... like.... REALLY REALLY COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stress again...







And then, you have seagulls flying all over above you... lovely!

cold wind cold air cold temperature everything so colddddd i am freezzzzzzing!!!! And I only brought one cardigan and 1 scarf out..... omg. I can almost feel myself turing into a block of ice =.=

Other than feeling cold, our stomach soon starts to feel real empty. So we hop around the whole of Pier 39 in search for a really good restaurant to eat. Everywhere smellssssssss so nice, you wont know exactly where the smell came from. Tsk. So of cuz... we went to the one flooded with most people :)

IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD I SWEAR! (makes swallow saliva sound)




The crab looks really small, but amazingly, it has tonzz of meat in it esp in the claws (which i named it the 'kiapkiap')... hmmmm~~ I wonder why..


Ok...... am REALLY freezing...



Amazing view + fresh air


Souvenir souvenir souvenir!!!


Next destination... guess where we went to?!!??!?! It's one of the most famous sight/place in San Francisco!!
Got it!?
Well................... its the WORLD'S MOST ZIGZAG ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lombard street!

omg look at how zigzag the roads are!

(the 2 images above are taken from the net of cuz, i wonder how they took such shots... it was SO SO SO difficult to capture how 'zigzag' the roads are...)

This was my attempt.... totally failed i know. Nvm. I shall try it again the during the next visit... which is in... LESS THAN 1 MONTHS TIME OMGGGGG~ Great or what!!!

OHYEA... and one thing that i have to stress out... SAN FRANCISCO IS FILLED WITH AMAZINGLY PRETTY BLOOMED FLOWES!!!!!!!! Realllly so pretty your little heart will melt... ;)


Then we headed to the next famous place in San Francisco! It is a place that u have to DIE-DIE MUST VISIT. If u never been there, its like you have never been to SF kind of thing..

And the place is......... THE GOLDEN BRIDGE TOWER!

And omgggg...... this place is hellllllllllllllllll cold!!!!!!!! My whole body was shivering.... my teeth like shivering and grinding.... and the wind enough to really BLOW you away. The wind is so strong its resisting your movement, and its so hard to walk against it. Until now, i can still remember taking pictures there was such a killer. Every 5 mins we have to run into the car, and blast full hot air to make ourselves warm again. Then head out to snap a few more pictures and rush into the car again to warm ourselves. Can kill.

Looking cold and pale and dead~



Next we headed to one the most famous restaurant there. Really glad we knew where to go and what to try etc with the help of my dearest erjieeeee

The queue was so long we had to wait around 30mins-45mins for our turn... =.= So me and my aunt went out of the building to walk around the vicinity since there were so many famous and branded shops... So we came across a group of BLACKS performing music. I am really terrified y'know, even if they are good guys, their looks/build alone are enough to scare me off. And especially after knowing the fate of Annabel Chong...... Really scary.. Those who dont know about this girl, go google it!! ;)


Cheesecake factory definitely must be filled with delicioussssssszzzz cheesecakes!! And it came in all sorts of flavous! Never once in my life have i seen cheesecakes with so many flavours ok! And all looking equally delicious! It was such a hard time choosing which to try!


Really love the original New York Cheesecake.. I think its one of the best cheesecakes i've ever eaten in my whole entire life!! Yumzyumzzz~


SF is also famous for its wine making, so we headed to Napa Valley to take a look!! It was just 0-k-a-y for me considering the fact that i dont drink and stuffs, so i was just there taking photos and walking around. Guess its more of a place for adults, for people who really knows how to appreciate such things.


lil unripe grapes!



We headed to another WORLD'S FAMOUS SIGHT yet again... =.= It's Alcatraz. Heard of it heard of it heard of it?!?!?! Well i dint know of the place too until after knowing my itinerary for my trip, so i went to google and just sort of knew that it was an abandoned prison. Those who never heard of it too, go google google google!!! It's a really interesting place, really. But i think you really have to be there to 'feel' it....

Just a slight background on it... its approx 2.4km off the shore of San Frans and it was served as a lighthouse, a military fortification, military prison, and a federal prison until 1963. It was perpentually a 'living hell' for anyone who lives there. And Alcatraz was home to the worst criminals ever in USA. However now its a historic site opened to visitors.



The cells

So in Alcatraz, we are not being led by any tour guides or whatsoever, but by a recorded guided tape, so all we have to do is to get the tape recorder, put the ear piece into our ears and the thats how the Alcatraz journey begins........
So the recorded voices are from these 4 used-to-be-Alcatraz inmates.. And its really cool cuz in the recorded tape, u can hear people shouting... gun shots etc. U really feel like you're back then. Really cool!

How the cell looks like. The living condition is really.................................. the room is so tiny, look at the toilet bowl.. mylord. Totally turn off~



What used to be the library


10 carat diamond watch.. tsk!!!!

Read this following extract!! Interesting!

And so these 3 guys.. with the used of soup, cement and paint, made these 3 dummy heads. So smart of them eh... but i wonder if they're dead or alive.. What do you think?

Canteen..... menu for the day. (and according to the voice recorder... the menu its almost 90% same everyday. Mygod sad case)

Ohyea, think i forgot to mention, Alcatraz is another hellovaaaaaa COLD PLACE. COLD. COLD. COLDDDDDDDD.


And after the Alcatraz tour, we headed back to Pier 39...

for some............

CLAM CHOWDER!!!!! yumtumtum!!!!




We also visit Chinatown SF.. finally a place with more of our own race... hehe :)

Finally some good old chinese food~


So that was the 3D2N in San Francisco! I reallllllly cant wait to go SF with baby, i am sure we gonna have lots of fun, and esp eating... CLAM CHOWDER!!! Do u know where u can find this in Singapore? And reallllllly good ones? Let me know oki??? :)

p/s: Now i conclude photobucket really uploads suckyz photoz. See the last 3rd+4th photo (the small ones) are uploaded by photobucket, blur and ugly. The rest are uploaded by flickr and they are so damn great. Sharp and clear and amazing good colours (at least 99.9% true to the original files) so hurrrray for flickr!!!!!!

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