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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A New Friend

I am starting to think if I have fates with people by the name of Stephanie, or is it a very common name? Gheesh, anyway, lucky today this girl came up to me and asked if she could sit beside me - the poor pathetic loser alone in the lecture since yst. I was really happy yknow, cuz I’m never the sort of person who would start a conversation with a total stranger. It takes hell lots of courage from within for me to do so. And it was so much fun talking to Stephanie because we’re both pathetic souls that flunked our As because of the same subject (fuck econs) and ended up in this shitty………………… Ok well actually not just us. I realized there are so many others in the same shitty situation as me. Ha. I thought I was the only damn big TRIPLE L in this world ok. Thank god after today, I am feeling so much better of myself :)

Yesterday’s lecture really sucks, the lecturer was practically story-telling from 8.30am – 5.30pm (of cuz with breaks in between) I nearly dozed off I swear! And then today, ha new friend = happy! We started gossiping about some infamous bloggers (teehee) and fantasizing about “Boys over Flowers” (those who haven watch go watch damn nice!!!!) and after sch, we skipped to town and shopped at far east, it was so much fun!!! It’s been long since I felt so relaxed and at ease while shopping with a friend… I am always having this very low confidence thingy within me… sigh x3!

Ok enough of my boring life! Have you all heard of this island - New Caledonia?

New Caledonia:

Omg I really love this island so much I want to fly there immediately!! Saw this place from the Korean show of cuz, and they have this island that looks like it’s in a heart shape! So lovely I wanna get there. But it comes with a pretty high cost……

So everyday while in school, I am always thinking of my pretty awesome holiday plans!!! ;p Diving @ phuket this year seems almost impossible so I came up with an alternative – Redang!!!! Whoohoo!! And it seems like Redang during September is going to work out pretty fine! *jumps around* And finally B can get to learn diving already and I shall just tag along and play funny tricks at him while we are underwater and freak him out :p And finally I will get to see King after so long, we shall go sharks-chasing tgt again BUT u must protect me ok!

redang 018

Seems like September is a month to look forward to! :) Redang trip which is probably 80% confirm, and also, September is the month when my sister is able to confirm with me IF she is going to remain in the USA or get posted to Beijing! Because either one, I will still get to find her! If she stays in the USA, then I will just go to the states again for a white Xmas! If it’s Beijing, then we would be heading to Taiwan for a meet up!

HAHA. Totally excited.
But, there’s still something that is lacking in my life and I don’t know what it is. I just don’t feel genuinely happy from within. How come like that???

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