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Saturday, July 18, 2009










Lots of things happened this week... say..... the briefing for the blogger event!!! Well, would be putting up an advertorial up soon so guys please do check it out and support!! :) But well.... I was feeling rather uneasy initially.. and dreaded so much going to the briefing because i knew many pretty girls gna turn up....ohwell! Lucky me, I reached earlier and no one was there except Holly, so we started a conversation and started talking about teaching..... Urhummmm, hahaha! Dont know if i will regret my decision but that aside, Holly is so friendly, and nice :) We took a short clip of ourselves too for publicity... well i dint really know what to say, and was totally not prepared for it, think i made a fool out of myself :( and i like NG 3times =.=

Caught Harry Potter too! The movie was kind of a disappointment, perhaps its because i dint really understood the story (i dont read the book either) but well...... the ending was pretty sucky.... and B was sleeping 80% of the time :( But i really liked the first 2 series of the Harry Potter movie :)

Ok off to do the advertorial, and i wna catch a nap!

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