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Friday, July 10, 2009

New Fringe



Hi all this is my new fringe and I really hate it. I hate the hairdresser even more and I
swear I will never ever step into that bloody salon anymore! I had to even go back home and
further trimmed it myself! tsk! Sigh, very jealous how come some girls can be so pretty and
photogenic, I dont understand. We all do have a pair of eyes, nose, mouth, eye brows! WHY!?
Hai life is unfair isn't it?

Anyhowz, my whole mind is still pretty much occupied with my dec planz. Wlao how to make
all of them work when I'm in such a poor financial state......... :( USA? Bangkok? Phuket?
Taiwan? PIANGZZZ can bang wall. But imagine........ building snowman and snow ski, isn't
it gonna be fun!! And doing this with my dearest erjie and babyboy! ;p spells fun right?!
Hai ok nvm I will just dream more about it.

Currently im looking forward to tmr's gathering with coach who just came back from Seoul!
Yst I chanced upon her @ smallmac and she's like "wahlau i just come back from seoul
then ask me go seoul garden eat!! You mei you gao cuo ah?!!?" hahahah!! And also,
saturday because i am going malaysia with baby!! :) Bestie thinks i am addicted in
going overseas. lol. OHWELL~

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