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Friday, July 03, 2009

Damage Done

One full luggage of new stuffs do seems alot, but after unpacking..... actually half of the goodies
belongs to my boyfriend. I bet he loves me going overseas because i would always come back
with tons of surprises.


Yes me is Princess Shenny from Las Vegas (winkswinks)

B is irritating the shit out of me because he gets everything he wants. A new laptop and a canon
DSLR from the IT fair. His father should just stop being so nice to him! Argh!

Anyway i am really very bored at home. Self quarantine at home is no fun. Even the nua-est
queen like me cant take it any longer!! I am 100% confirm going to town tmr!! And i want
laksa (with more taupoks) and rojak for my dinner tonight! Yumzzzzz awaiting for dinner time now ;)

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