Thursday, July 02, 2009



Helloha I'm finally back in Sunny Singapore, and I'm so totally hating the weather in Sg right
now!! Flight back was horrible, tell me how can a flight of 20hours not be horrible, and further
accompanied with alot of not-so-good-looking singapore air stewardess and balding steward.
Omg what have the standard dropped till?! Anyway, i watched Hannah Montana on the flight
back and i think its a pretty good show!! :) And the best part is that the whole show was filmed
in the states, and there's this part where its the goodfriend's birthday party, its held @ Santa
Monica Pier and I been there! Totally able to relate to the show (haha perhaps only for that
part). Trying my best to tune myself back to local time, i forced myself to be awake for almost
48hours so that i will feel tired and sleep at the proper timing which is 10pm. haha!

And whatever happened to the 40 odd coach related stuffs we bought?! I am only down with 1
coach bag, 5 wristlets and 1 big wristlet/clutch. Alamak damn sad. :(

Worst thing of all, I still haven got a chance to eat my chai fan. I am craving for it so badly
i can feel the taste of all the ingredients in my mouth. I am so totally going to get my chai fan
later for my lunch with 10 different kind of sides.

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