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Monday, June 29, 2009

Home Soon!!

FINALLY after dont know what seemed a thousand years, I finally have internet again!!!!!! Because my dear sister here just shifted house from the little Korean Town in Los Angeles to North Hollywood!!! Speaking about hollywood..... i guess all of yguys must have know that Michael Jackson died, so sad!!!! Kind of regret that the other time when i was in hollywood (walk of fame), i didn't take michael jackson's star, sian. Now i want to go and take, everyone else is there too, and have to queue for like 10hours?! It's insane. Anyway, where Michael Jackson died, actually we're very near him ok. So close yet so far~
News here reports about MJ everyday, every single minute, every second lol! like keep repeating one, buey sian one leh!

MJ's Walk of Fame's Star (from online)

Ohya, this 1week been pretty flexible for me, since there wasnt much activities planned for us, so.... i went to Universal studio again since i had the annual pass! hahahaha damn uhua right...... make full use of the annual pass, since i wont be coming back anytime soon! ;) 3times in 3weeks, like cool only! First time when im there, i took myraid of pictures, 2nd time when im there, took videos, 3rd time when im there, empty handed! Just there to enjoy, and talk to donkey!!! so funnnn~

Went to yosemite too for 1day. Caught a midnight bus there, and reached merced @ 3am, and we had to wait in the streets in the cold for like 4hours before the next bus takes us to yosemite, damn sad :( Felt like a homeless kid......... and best, when we had to leave yosemite to head back to hollywood, we missed the freaking bus to Merced!! In the end? I wrote "MISSED BUS. NEED A LIFT TO MERCED" on a piece of paper, and stand along the road and allow cars passing by to read, my aunt like malu go stand one corner, left me doing it. But i think people are so nice, they really slow down to catch what u wrote, and say goodluck and stuffs blahblah which i think its so difficult to find in singapore!! And god!!! Saviour came!! Someone volunteered to drive us all the way to merced, and its a 2hours drive u know!!!! :)
damn comical can, everytime when we're away from my sister, confirm chop will have things happen one! But the most funny thing is the las vegas one, every single one of us went missing hahahah!! panic like siao! ;)

We also get to take public transport in LA, their subway, bus etc, which my cousin and parents didn't had the chance to experience. It was like an adventure out looking for the correct bus stop cuz its just a pathetic pole u know, so easily can missed it. And so much fun!!! And so satisfied when we reached our destination safe and sound!! So we took the public transport to Santa monica for another one big round of shopping!!!! ARGHHH~ Next day, factory outlet shopping again... ARGHHHH~

So anyway... I'm leaving for singapore in another 11hours time... me excited? Yea perhaps cuz i will get to meet B and all my friends again, sad cuz im leavings states, the land of relax and wonder and leaving my erjie behind!! :( Nvm, we made a pact to go taiwan together during dec :) Onz onz!! So sad, 3weeks just flashed past like this, so fast!!!! Back to reality again. GUA~ And I have one full luggage containing all new clothes!! Like happy leh!!! :)

Ok shall see u all back in singapore, and in airport??? teehheee come pick me up ok!!!! Dont worry i nvr genna H1N1 SO FAR.... but who knows what will happen on the plane. O.O
ok byebye!!!! Hereby welcome hot weather again!!! (siannnn x 100000000)

ps: I have a confession to make, that is..... I think I've lost B's checkered top. omg i really hope is my parents alr brought it back to singapore because if not..... im dead. Its one of his fav in his entire wardrobe. And i have a strong feeling that i left it in Las Vegas. Please dont kill me after u read this ok!

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