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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hello folks, I'm back from San Francisco!!! As usual, very sleep deprived again! We went to fisherman's wharf and the golden bridge which is a 'must see' spot in the US, god its pretty and very cold too ;) And we had another round of factory outlet shopping, sadly nothing really catches my eye. Very sad cuz only the first outlet mall had papaya and forever21, yet we didn't had much time there. When we had the time to shop, those outlet malls dont have the things i want, damn damn sad. We also went to napa valley for wine tasting, which is totally redundant to me cuz in the first place i dont even drink.. On the way back from San francisco to LA, wow the sky was damn damn beautiful - lotsa stars!! Too bad there wasn't any shooting stars, but i think its the first time in my whole life seeing so many stars..... if only the car we rented was a convertible......................

So anyway, the old folks would be heading home tmr!!! Yay cuz finally freedom, no naggings and getting unreasonable and nonsense scolding, sad cuz now i gotta manage my own finance with what i have, which is argh, sad. Well, very tired, shall go sleep, byebye!!!!

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