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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still Alive


Hello everybody, I just came back to LA from a 9hours drive from Grand Canyon. Very sleep deprived now.... -.- Past 3days I visited Las Vegas, a city that never sleeps, and I'm very fascinated by it even till now. The hotels there are.... beyonds words, win all of our 5star hotels I swear!!! Also been to death valley, one of the hottest place on earth. Glad I didn't died there haha! We got a summon from this stupid traffic police cuz we were speeding, like wtf its US$205!! WHAT THE HELL~ Also been to Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World! So far only been to 2 of the 7 wonders; Great Wall of China and Grand Canyon! Anyway, this 3days trip we had much fun and also much bikering, lol. And had lotsa exciting adventure, like, all of us went missing in Vegas and none of us had auto roaming we couldnt contact one another. Dajie erjie derek tgt, me, mum and aunt tgt and dad was alone, then i set on an adventure to look for my dad ALONE and didnt return back to my mum's side, they all thought i was being abducted, lol!! And missing car keys, house keys, damn funny! Went to Las Vegas Premium Outlet too, I'm very the sad cuz they dont have f21, papaya, bath and body works there! Should have whack all of them when i was @ the San diego outlet :( But nevertheless, i still spend USD$400 on shopping 4 clothes! :) But most of it is for my lovely boyfriend cuz nothing seems to catch my eye for myself so sad :( BUT............. my mum seriously emptied the coach shop man, I just went in coach and grab those that i wanted and pass it to my mum and ask her to do the payment, after 2hours and when i went back to find her, she had this 3FREAKING HUGE COACH PLASTIC BAG, BIG ENOUGH TO CONTAIN THE WHOLE OF ME OK!!! And she bought like 30over coach stuffs, piang eh dunno is it she wants to set up a shop in singapore haha!! Of the 30over coach stuffs, some are for my dear goodie friends hehe :)
Alright thousands of photos, i wonder when i would have the time to post it up. Definitely not today i guess, i gotta catch up with my usual 12hours sleep/day. I'm only sleeping like 4hours now everyday, sleep at 2am, wake up at 6am and chiongggg ah~ DAMN TIRED.
And i'll be going to San Francisco tonight, 6hours drive there.

Travelling was never this tiring.

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