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Monday, May 25, 2009


23rd may saw me, bestie and B over @ Stjames. Well, actually the plan would seem like I'm forcing B to accompany me to go club, but in actual fact, his close friends would also be at stjames to surprise him. And its like tgt in a group, to surprise him. But damn...... his friends all arrived one at a time, and were roaming around instead of hiding!!! grr and B spotted them and told me "eh.. i saw ben chow and miah leh".. gua gua gua. But he said he knew it long ago, he could feel me being very secretive and stuffs. hehe.
And so, Alex the VIP of stjames came over and open table!! Whoohoo!! First time opening table leh, like so shiok after dancing, tired can go nuaaaaaa~ But B was kind sad cuz he couldnt drink much as he would be driving.. so :(










Just now when i was uploading the photos into the com, i realised alot of photos of B&his friends taken while i was away from the camera cuz i was busy shaking.................. but im lazy to post them up hehe :p

And the whole night i was shouting "Fire Burning!!!!" hoping the next song would be fire burning, lol. And we kept waiting for the song "Sugar" but till like 4.15am its still not playing, and we were all tired so we went back, and the moment we stepped out of the club, guess what, ITS PLAYING SUGARRRR~ wahh piang eh!!!!!! =.= we went over to simpang to eat, and reached home at 5.30am! GOD TIREDDD!

That was how we countdown to yj's birthday!!!

to be continued.....

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