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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hi all I guess the interview was kind of screwed. Haha apparently I'm being considered for 2 subjects - Mathematics and Chinese.


CHINESE. OMG. SCREAMS. OMG. So there's this chinese professor who asked me abt some chinese thingy and then gave me this chinese idiom to read. Good thing is i read it correctly (though not sure if my fa ying was correct) but bad thing is HE BLOODY ASK ME FOR THE MEANING... which obviously I dont know. haha!

Lucky for the mathematics part they didn't throw me some intergration or differentiation questions, asking me to solve on the spot :O But oh well, what's over is over. Just ya... kind of screwed :O
And its obvious from the facial expression given by the panel when i gave my answer. they are like stunned and O.O

Anyway as promised!!! VIDEOS OF SEA WORLD! ;)
Hahah that's the screams of my 2 sisters! hahaha i know like me, very bimbotic. :O

And this! OMG. When small lil ducks came out, my sis asked "ZIXUAN WHY ARE U THERE!!!??"
hahahahaa if u're close to me or u know me well, u'll probably know why ;)

Anyway, sis just showed me a website on the factory outlet shopping in Las Vegas.

Check it out. See alr really want to faint can!!! OMG!
And i might be going mexico for a few days too to stay with my sis's friends (since my parents will be back in sg and sis would be busy working). Apparently, this friend is damn rich and owns a huge safari. And when i say huge, its not like our tiny winy night safari. The safari is the size of the whole of TAMPINES!!!! OMG, that is how big it is. And according to my sis, their family often do animal trades with our very own night safari! How coolz is that. Just been to their website, and i'm super excited! Too bad my parents and Derek cant join in the fun!! ;)

That's all. Photos this weekend i promise!

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