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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Working continuous for 1 2 3 4 5days for this stupid thing called WAREHOUSE SALE is driving me nuts. And this warehourse sale is RIGHT UNDER THE BLOODY HOT SUN i tell you its driving me crazy. grrr.

Everyday i see aunties queuing up as early as 9.30am waiting to come in to snatch shoes which are now selling at 3for$20. OMG. so cheap i tell you its like you buy for the sake of buying even though u may not really like it but its only 3for$20 so its like a MUST BUY. goodness.

This's gonna be my last lap for my job alr since im ending my contract coming monday. Coolness. Think...... sleeping till 3pm everyday. HAHAHHAHA. and then nua everyday. And meeting friends everyday. Not that i have ALOT of friends to meet up with, but yea its been ages since i met my friends esp Bestie. Omg wondering how she's doing. We called up each other once in a while and scream at each other like "OMG IM IN POWERHOUSE NOW SO MANY CUTE GUYS!!!!!!!!" lol.

And its time to research and start planning on the places to go when im in the US. Seems like everybody is so excited about the trip and like mass-mailing everyone who's on for this trip about the details, and where to go etc and im the one always reading what they write but made no replies/providing suggestions. Lol. sorry sorry must understand im busy. Dint even use the internet for ages! grr. Or going out, which explains the lack of updates and photos. Life's really mundane now. Totally cant stand.

Going out ltr to catch CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC. B says its a show SO FOR ME. haha. Recently i bought a thousand of clothes which i havent even wore them once. And btw, the clothes are still nicely placed in the plastic bags with tags still on and even so i still continue my shopping spree......
Gotta stop.

I VOW TO STOP SHOPPING FROM NOW ONWARDS TILL THE US TRIP! Omg imagine cheap f21 clothes, H&M, Urban Outfitters... omg the thought is enough to drool :O



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