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Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh i see

What is your True Fear?
Your Result: Disappointment

You are a fun-loving, energetic, and cheerful person. You love adrenaline rushes, and going out at night. You constantly have to be having a great time to feel completely happy. Your biggest fear is not having anything to do, or having a huge disappointment/let down in your life. You hate being sad, and if something in your life suddenly went wrong it would be extremely hard for you to deal with. Just remember that everyone has to deal with hard times. Stay strong, and pretty soon your fun, party life will get right back the way it used to be.

Looked down on
Being Alone
Losing Someone
Where Your life is Going
What is your True Fear?
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Quite true I guess, but then, ermmmmm, no. I am worried about my future life. So why is it ranked as one i fear the least? =.=


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