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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hi I'm finally backed from my short getaway with my baby.

Hai finally get my thoughts straighten out, and hey guess what, things aren't that bad after all. Like what my sis said, no point crying over spilled milk. Either 1) If u want to buy new milk - retake econs, or 2) Buy other drinks e.g. juice instead of milk - explore other non-conventional options.
Anyway I've chosen the latter cuz seriously I see no point retaking the whole of the GCE A level exams just because of one subject. Besides, there are still always private universities available. So what if it’s not NUS, SMU or NTU right, not as if opportunities wouldn’t come knocking on your door if you’re not from these 3 Universities.. right! (ok I’m like consoling myself. Hahahaha!)

Ha I found quite a few business courses that I’m interested in, and I’m eligible for it too :D so… phew :O

Alright I know this space is getting a lil too wordy, and boring.. but life has seriously nothing to offer at the moment.
Pics for the next post k! Promise!

And lately I’ve been thinking of some plans… and I really hope that it can come true, and I can make it big… hurhur. Anyway, this has been my dream all along, so why not right! So say yay to my big planz :O

And have a great day ahead, goodbye!

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