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Friday, March 06, 2009


Where can I go, what can I do now?
My future seems so bleak.

This is my life's first and only major setback so far and I can already feel my whole world crashing down. Guess my whole life had been too smooth-sailing that God decided to give me a setback... no?
But no matter what, the world still revolves and life still has to move on, right? I just got to pray everyday, every night, every minute, every second that all the universities that I applied to, would accept a student with lousy grades like me. I wouldn't want to retake the whole examination again. The thought of midnight studies, memorising, practice papers is enough to kill. :(

Anyway, thanks to all who make an effort to my place to cheer me up :)
Especially Jess and Atiqah.
And thanks to those who show extra TLC to me. :) You know who you are.
I'll stay strong k, I promise.
Stay strong..

And to B, I love you. Thanks for always standing by me. I love you, I really do..

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