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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ok its barely 3days after payday and I declare that I'M FUCKING BROKEEEEEEE :====(
That day I spent $4XX alone in 1fuckingday! Okay so its time to eat air everyday and drink plain water. Ha. Gotta live off Baby again :p
I really got to do something about my spendthrift habit , always buying nonsensical things and spending so much money on FOOD. Gotta.Go.On.A.Diet already cuz I'm feeling the fats around me after all the buffets and supper. Plus this allows me to save money. So COLLEAGUES RMB!! STOP BRINGING SNACKS TO WORK!!! (I always find myself in the storeroom munching on snacks -.-)

And I really need to save up money because I want to make MY PLANS OF GOING TO THE STATES IN JUNE CONFIRMED! I hope parents can subsidise me like 50% of the air ticket cuz the ticket alone is like 2K? (That is the cheapest airline that I could find. SIA is like 3k++!) :(
And there's no any other better time to go to the states other than this june, my sis told me the best time to go to the states is between June-Sep cuz its summer! And its the last blast I should have before University starts in July/August. I'm not sure if Derek could make it to go with me since the poly schedule is like ___ and he's always so commited to his red-cross. Urgh. Irritating. Anyone to go to the US with me?

Alrightz gotta fly out soon before I get late again. Meeting cousin Derek soon to have a early birthday celebration for him, and then to Modele to cut hair, followed by going to the tracks to run :D


  1. i dont mind going like soon cause my sis is in US now!

  2. REALLY! but i thought june is a busy period for poly students and its only a mere 2weeks break!