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Friday, February 27, 2009


OH YAY, finally completed with all the bookings and stuffs to the US :D
There'll be me, my dad and mum, Derek and my aunt :O yayyyayyyyayy babbyyay :D
I'll be there for a whole 3weeks tgt with my aunt, while the rest are only staying for 2weeks. OHWELL. Nvm. We'll still have fun rightz :D

Right now, I hope erjie is able to apply her off days to keep us accompany :)

OMG. Still have to go apply for some ESTA application thingy since Singapore is a Visa-Waiver Country. Will leave that to tmr, so tired now :( And the best thing is EVERYONE leaves all these chap-pa-lang job for me to do lor. THANKS~

Contemplating whether to go work anot tmr. My lips are sucha headache. My lips are itchy badly right now, and is peeling, and sore, like a thick sausage :@
I dont wanna go work looking like a freakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :O

I wanna watch moviezzz.


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