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Friday, January 23, 2009

Feeling the jitters already

Can anyone tell me if they have received any NUS invitations to join their school or something? I've heard before since secondary days that whatever courses that schools send u are what they think that you are capable of getting in because they already kind of know your results. So far, I've received tons of NTU letters, only one from SMU for information system and NONE from NUS. Why didn't SMU send me Business courses. =( I must have done badly if these rumours are true. But then again, I also heard of people saying that University only gauge from your prelim results. And if that's the case, I won't be surprised why I'm getting zero invitations from NUS cause my prelims is totally ScRewEdzz to the max. Hah.

Chinese New Year is around the corner and it means Feb is approaching. Oh gosh. Results day is drawing near. Its giving me headache man. Ah I dont know I dont know but I know that I have this extremely bad feelings for my results. And woman's sixth sense is always kind of accurate, right...? Shitz. Anyway, i just painted my toe nailz black (hey should paint red right) and my nails like striking orangeeee. Super striking that my mom got a shock and says "AiYa u siao ah paint such a bright colour!" lol. Nvm. Can blend in when I take those mandarin oranges right. :p

Ohwell, gotta get ready soon cause I'm going for a extremely early family reunion dinner over at my paternal's side. I'm not even the slightest close to any of my cousins there, and both my sisters are still currently overseas. So I foresee I'll be rotting there and playing and fiddling around with my handphone. Haha. Talking about handphones, my hp is giving me another headache. The screen keeps blacking-out and it can be on for like without lights the entire day! How am i supposed to read messages in the night like this! Wahhhhlaoo. I need to change a new handphone desperately. But daddy says there's still 4more months to go. omg. crap.

Sis just called me from the US cuz she's stuck in the highway and she was bored. Hah, she could have turn out and then go right home, but she was saying she saw like 5 police cars and being typical kpo singaporeans, she didn't turn out and continued in the highway to check things out only to realise its a wrong decision cuz the police closed the highway and all she could see is more and more police cars coming in. Lol. Funny sister. She's coming back in 2days time. Whooohooo :D

Anyway I can't find where's my thick thick headband is, I want to tie my high bun today!

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