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Monday, January 26, 2009


This year's probably the first time after so many years that I'm finally experiencing the cny mood. I dont know exactly why, but perhaps its due to the fact that Erjie is back and its making every single of us a happy soul. And also being in a serious finance deficit currently after returning from Bangkok, CNY spells another good joy for me (think of those angbaos) :D

Anyway, I ate 2rounds of steamboat last night (fat) + all those new year goodies (fat again) but who cares, WHO DOESN'T GET FAT DURING THIS FESTIVE PERIOD!?! Erjie bought me loads of bath&body works body cream and powder and fragrance and I'm totally loving it. I will be xiangxiang everyday can. lol.

Catching a midnight show (LOVE MATTERS) ltr with my mom, sister and B, and expecting myself to laugh till I tear. Well, Jack Neo's film never fails to make me laugh :D

Will be back soon with photos, I hope. I hope there's enough time for me to blog despite a week of hectic schedule!

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