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HIFU Sygmalift at The Clifford Clinic


Hello all!!! Sorry I haven't been updating these days cuz life has overwhelmed me recently... But but but!!! I still wanna share with y'all a procedure I did a little while back at The Clifford Clinic! Having a double chin has always been an issue for me ever since I was young (and even when I was rather skinny!) so I was really excited to try out this new procedure called HIFU Sygmalift offered at The Clifford Clinic!

The Clifford Clinic
With more than 15 years of experience in Aesthetic Medicine, the doctors at The Clifford Clinic understand our concerns when it comes to aesthetic services. At Clifford, they aim to deliver natural looking results with low down time in the hands of safe and experienced doctors. they understand the needs of their patients and strive to meet these expectations. The Clifford Clinic was born to fulfill the needs and expectations of their patients. Both doctors have been trained locally and abroad in Aesthetic Medicine. The clinic uses only the latest state-of-the-art equipment together with the best quality skincare products. They do not compromise on quality, yet maintains very competitive prices.

Conveniently located in The Clifford Center, which is less than a minute walk from Raffles Place MRT station, The Clifford Clinic is a professional aesthetic clinic that specialises in natural looking results with minimal down time.

* * * 
So the first session began with a consultation with Dr Ee!
I told Dr Ee my concerns regarding having a double chin/saggy chin and Dr Ee suggested me to try the latest in HIFU technology - HIFU Sygmalift! The Clifford Clinic is the first clinic in Singapore to have Fractionated HIFU.

This treatment is perfect for people who wishes to reduce wrinkles for a firmer and youthful face, including
- Saggy cheeks
- Crow's feet
- Jowl reduction
- Laugh lines

Our collagen starts to slow as we age, and the elastic fibres across the skin start to become less dense. HIFU jump starts the collagen production by heating up and stimulating existing collagen fibres. This causes them to thicken, resulting in a long-term tightening and lifting effect! Due to high energy emitted by the ultrasound lasers, it is also being used to melt facial fats. This not only results in a more youthful skin, but also a tighter and smaller facial size as well! This is the first HIFU technology with the ability to not only tighten the skin, but also to melt fats!

Me inside the treatment room!

And finally starting on my first treatment session :D
Generally, HIFU Sygmalift is a non-invasive procedure which is painless with no downtime!
The results are also instant and long-lasting!

Overall, it was a comfortable procedure with ZERO PAIN. I have said it countless times that my threshold for pain is on a one-of-its-kind of level.. so when I say it's not painful, you can trust me on that! I seriously had zero feelings throughout the treatment process!
I can even take selfies on my own lolπŸ˜‹

Here's how instant the results are!
On the right side, it is after having the HIFU Sygmalift done. Just compare it to the left side and look at the difference!!😱 It is definitely alot more sharper and defined!!

The last step for this treatment is to help firm up and improve the skin tone! I was also required to wear this eye googles to protect my eyes from the bright light coming out from the equipment~

I was told by Dr Ee that is it recommended to do the HIFU Sygmalift treatment once a week over a course of 3 weeks, meaning a total of 3 treatments for best results! So a week after my first treatment, I was back again at The Clifford Clinic for my 2nd treatment!
Application of the cold gel

Honestly, I really dozed off during my 2nd treatment. HAHAHA. Told ya that is it comfortable and painless already!


Sadly, I couldn't make it for the 3rd treatment as I had to fly to Aussie~πŸ˜–
So here are my results after 2 treatments!
While I think there are still some double chin, but I think overall, my face is really more V-shaped!! And I can really feel & see the difference when I am applying my makeup. I used to always have to contour my jaw lines to make it sharper and all, but these days I don't even find the need to contour anymore! My face also looks sharper in the selfies I took recently!πŸ˜πŸ‘

I was also told that I will see a more gradual change over the next 30 days or so... really excited!!!
V-shaped face, come to me already will you!!!


HIFU Sygmalift is suitable for anyone of any age! It is safe for all skin types as well!
It is not only a good treatment for those who already have wrinkles or sagging skin, but also perfect for younger people who are looking to have a more v-line, sharper or smaller face shape! HIFU Sygmalift can be used to lift cheeks and jawline, resulting in a sharper and more defined lower face!

Depending on the areas of treatment, some of the positive results you can expect from the procedure include:
- Double chin reduction (which was what I did)
- Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
- Skin tone improvement
- Tighter and smoother skin
- Pore reduction
- Sharper V-line
- Lifted neck

For more, do check out The Clifford Clinic website on the HIFU Sygmalift procedure HERE.

Thank you The Clifford Clinic for helping me to correct my nose shape a few months ago (read here for more) and now, helping me to reduce my double chin concerns!! I know I am in safe hands whenever I am hereπŸ’–

Till the next,
xx, Shenny

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